Asset Management

Atlas manages the sales and leasing of its own portfolio of assets for the benefit of Atlas and its direct investors. We also assist consulting clients with asset management and end use strategies.


Atlas develops properties for sale to residential buyers. Our preferred strategy is to pre-sale property as early in the development process as possible. This creates a win-win for seller and buyer by reducing seller risk and giving the buyer an opportunity to customize home features.



Atlas develops properties for holding in its portfolio and leasing to tenants. We perform both the marketing of these units and ongoing property management.



There are numerous incentive programs that provide financial and other assistance to home buyers and renters, such as down payment grants, reduced interest rate loans, rental assistance for eligible tenants, energy and tax credits, and employer-based programs. Atlas participates or partners with such programs, and provides information about packaging incentives to make purchasing or renting as affordable as possible for our customers.