Transaction Consulting

We assist clients, including investors and other developers, with identifying and acquiring property that optimizes value. We develop client-focused solutions by leveraging our knowledge of local market conditions and trends, the legal and regulatory environment, zoning and code compliance, and our extensive network of developers, other real estate professionals and municipal officials.



Project conception starts with the consolidation of three key components: idea, location, capital. We have access to all three. Clients often have just one. We help them partner the other two. We then conduct a feasibility analysis to move the project from conception to shovel ready.



Once a project is shovel ready, we assist with all "on the ground" management activities, including planning and controlling costs, scheduling, day-to-day construction, as well as code and regulatory compliance.



We begin marketing a project as soon as possible, before a project becomes shovel ready. An early sale or lease reduces risk. Involving marketing experts early also provides an opportunity to incorporate marketing insights during the conception and management stages of development.